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The Secrets to Looking Expensive on a Budget

I used to envy women who would look as though they have just stepped out of a lifestyle shoot of a magazine and wondered many times snatching glances at them what made them look like they were dripping money!

Most of them would be wearing a tee and boyfriend cut jeans and sashaying in and out like it was their second skin, yet somehow all the while giving the impression that they are the real thing!

I have always wanted to look like a million dollars but somehow I never really understood till now that beauty is accentuated more in simplicity. For instance, I could be wearing ice blue jeans with a grey pullover top and still look sexy provided that my jeans and the top fit me precisely well.

The fit is important:

There is a difference between buying clothes off the rack and getting them tailored. You could buy inexpensive clothes, spend some extra on getting them fitted and you can look like you are out of the bandbox yourself!

Keeping the natural look as far as possible:

Being healthy is important. Taking good care of the diet as well as looking after the skin well and keeping it hydrated works far better than keeping it under layers of makeup. I have had pigmentation spots on my face and I remember wearing layers of foundation to conceal them. But then a skin treatment device that I realized helps remove dry skin worked better than being powdered and puffed every single minute of the day!

Hairstyle simpler the more sophisticated!

Keeping hairstyle simpler works for most people; having said that I think complicated hairdo often looks cheap at the expense of looking overdone too.  A high ponytail or a small bun or just leaving them open good groom will do the trick

Shoes have to match the outfit please:

The footwear has to be in tandem with the clothes. No sports shoes on formals for heaven’s sake!!

8 Things To Consider When You Buy Toys For Your Baby

Walking down a toy store could get you panicked with so many varieties available. Here at StarWalkKids use these tips to know what to look for in the toys that you purchase for your baby.

Are the toys safe?

This is the most important thing to check before you purchase a toy for your baby. The toy should be made up of safe materials because the baby will be putting the toy in its mouth. There should also not be any sharp edges and the finish should be smooth else the baby may end up hurting himself.

Are the toys age appropriate

If the toy is below your baby’s age then it will lose interest soon. If the toy is above its age then too it will not play with the toy. The toy that you select should be apt as per the baby’s age


Each child has its own area of interest. While one may like playing with a dollhouse for hours another will keep driving a toy car around. So make sure that you understand the baby’s interest and then choose the toy accordingly.

Is the toy creative?

Your aim should be to make the baby learn something with the toy that it plays with. So check the toy and understand which aspect of your child’s creativity and development does it focus on.

Will the toy grows with the baby?

There is no denying the fact that kid’s toys are expensive. So look for toys that the baby is going to use for years and not throw it off after playing for a day.


If you are giving a toy to the baby then it should look colorful. You do not want to pick up dull or boring colored toys to give to a baby.


Stick to the budget when you go to purchase toys for your baby. You may end up spending more if you do not plan a budget in advance. Also buying second-hand toys in good condition is also a great idea

Are the toys safe to be played at home?

If the baby will be playing with the toy at home then check if it is safe to be played at home. You do not want your baby getting hurt when playing with the toy.…

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