Day: December 2, 2018

Here’s How Affluent Shoppers Buy Luxury Goods

Affluent shoppers have different styles of shopping from average shoppers. There are plenty of ways in which luxury shopping has changed over the years. People no more hesitate to shop online even for the huge purchases like say buying a property or a car or even to buy a yacht. 4yacht is one of the most trusted shopping destinations for those buying yachts. Talking about buying luxury goods online, affluent shoppers are known to use technology in many ways to enhance the shopping experience.

Virtual shopping assistants on demand

Affluent shoppers prefer finding what they are looking for without spending too much time. Time is money after all! So when they are spending a great deal of money shopping, they look for ways to reduce the overall time taken. Online shopping platforms continuously work on ways that reduce the friction in shopping. They aim at providing short shopping funnels so as to reduce cart abandonment caused by lengthy shopping procedures.

They do a lot of research

The time spent on actually placing the order might be less. But shoppers today spend a great deal of time on finalizing the product and even the brand they would like to choose. They read the reviews from the experts in the field and watch videos from users who have actually used them. They use multiple channels to know about the product itself and the brand before they place the order.

Most shoppers do shopping on their smartphones

If there are some users who prefer viewing the product images on a larger screen they might grab their laptops for that. But in most cases to place an order, track the order and even to give a feedback users prefer using their smartphones. These smartphone apps also make the payments simpler for the users as they have stronger authentication processes integrated into their smartphones.…

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