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Smart Toys: Should You Buy Them?

Technology has come a long way. From smartphones, we progressed to smart TVs that can connect to the internet and process requests and today, this smart feature has progressed into our children’s lives.

There are smart toys for sale in the market that allow a parent to connect with their children through their toys. Wondering what these toys are? Check doodlebuckets to know what your options are. In the meanwhile, here are a few of such toys listed out for you:

  • Cloud Pets
  • Furby Connect
  • i-Que Intelligent Robot
  • Toy-Fi Teddy
  • Wowee Chip

How Do They Work?

They are connected to the internet and allow you to send messages to the kids using them by connecting on to this network. This is just like connecting your home camera to your phone and being able to access it from anywhere you go.

When a small child is playing with a stuffed toy like the teddy, parent s and grandparents can send personal messages to the child through this teddy. It will be as if the teddy is telling them it loves them, etc.

How Safe Is It?

So, is it really safe? It is just a toy over a secured connection right? No! it is easy to get into this unprotected server and connect to the toy. Again, it is like how one can hack and gain access to cameras and baby monitors that are connected to systems through Wi-Fi.

Should You Buy It?

While it may be tempting to buy this state of the art toy and give your child what technology has to offer, what you are really doing is taking away their privacy and compromising on their safety. Since it is easy to hack into these systems, anyone who wants to send a message to your child can do so. Wrong and threatening messages sent can cause damages to the child that requires a lot of work to set thing straight.

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