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Sex Swings and Slings – Staying Safe All Rights Reserved

Everyone who buys a sex swing or sling just wants to have some hot fun; still, you have to be safe as well. Fun sex has to be safe; nobody’s idea of fun is getting hurt, right? All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

Here is a list of six things you should pay attention to in order to remain safe while using sex swings and slings. All Rights Reserved


1.  The Spring – the Most Important Safety Feature All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

When you buy sex swings, some manufacturers say that you can remove the spring if you are over certain weight. Do not do this; it is a terrible idea. Any product that we use for moving requires a dampening spring to prevent material failure or fatigue. For example, your car has suspension for the same purpose. All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

If you and your partner are heavier than recommended, buy a stronger spring – but don’t remove it. The main purpose of the spring is to keep you safe, not only to add bounce. All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

Removing the spring may result in damage. Your new swing could be destroyed from all the swaying and jumping really quickly, not to mention potential injuries. All Rights Reserved


2. Perform a Quick Safety Check Before Every Use All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

Maybe you consider this a boring task, but it won’t take you a lot of time, and it might keep you safe. Every time you use it, check if everything is in place. Look for rips and tears; they could easily be overlooked. We are sure that you don’t want to fall in the middle of hot action. All Rights Reserved


3. Check Mounting Points Every Now and Then All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

If your sex swing hangs from the ceiling or your walls, checking mounting points regularly is a must. Any signs of fatigue point to a hook that isn’t safe to use anymore. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Just imagine your ceiling falling, your walls destroyed, or a fracture in your legs or arms. No one wants to experience that. All Rights Reserved

4. Refrain from Removing the Hooks All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

Many people don’t want their friends and family to know about their kinky habits and toys, and that’s fine. Getting judged isn’t pleasant, we get it. But don’t hide your activities by removing the mounting points from your walls or the ceiling. If you remove the hook, you will never be able to put it back in the same hole safely. If you do, you will definitely fall down the next time you use your swing. Think creatively instead – hang a plant, use a smoke detector, put up some decorations, etc. All Rights Reserved


5. No Adjusting Once You’re in the Swing All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

You’re in there, just about to get started when you feel like you should loosen one harness a bit. But you don’t really want to get off to do it, so you think about doing it while sitting in the swing. No matter how tempting, don’t do it. You drop a bit whenever you adjust the harness, and you drop suddenly. The force you create is five times your bodyweight, and that’s really a lot for the swing. All Rights Reserved


6. Watch the Harness All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

You have to pay attention to the harness, in both sex swings and slings. A thin harness could cut into your skin and make you uncomfortable. Bruises are no fun, right? It’s better to choose a wide harness to avoid this problem. All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

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