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Are Black Beans High In Carbs?

Black beans are generally high in carbs but at the same time they have good amount of fiber. An half a cup of black beans has 20 grams of carbohydrates and 8 grams of fiber. Black beans are considered to be an excellent source of fiber which helps in weight loss. Studies say foods that are rich in fiber help in weight loss process.  Fiber rich foods are also helpful in stabilizing blood glucose levels, reducing cholesterol and promoting digestion. That is the reason popular diet programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc deliver foods that are high in fiber which keeps the dieters feeling full for a longer time. Go through Prodiets article which compares Nutrisytem with other diet programs in the market.

Black beans do not contain sugar but they are packed with carbohydrates that digest slowly. This implies that the carbohydrates in black beans convert into sugar gradually and some of them are not absorbed at all. The glycemic index of a food determines that if it is high in glucose. However, the glycemic index of black beans is based on totally how they are processed or prepared. When you soak black beans and boil them, the GI index of it will be around 25. Pressure cooking them will give it a moderate GI value of 45 to 65. When you combine glycemic index and serving size it will give you the glycemic load. The glycemic load of half a cup of black beans is 7 which is relatively low.

If you are trying to lose weight by reducing your intake of carbohydrates, you can still consume black beans. However, you will have to be careful in portion size. As said earlier, half a cup of black beans contain 20 grams of carbohydrates. Therefore, you can make your portion to one serving in a day.…

How To Lose The Last 20 Pounds Of My Goal Weight?

Are you really frustrated with your last 20 pounds of your goal weight that is not going? It certainly needs further lifestyle changes and all your patience. If you feel that you struck at the point where you have to lose 20 more pounds to reach your goal weight probably you need to revise your diet and exercise plan. The first step would be to increase your awareness on what is being served in your plat. Are you continuing with your healthy choices or sensing a few changes? Well, if you do not have the patience to do it on your own, you can seek help of diet planners like Nutrisystem. The program helps you lose weight up to 13 lbs in the first month. Moreover, nutrisystem’s latest plan uniquely yours plus offers you over 160 meal options and protein shakes for 28 days in addition that help you rev up your metabolism.

Drinking plenty of water helps you shed the last 20 pounds of your goal weight. Drink water before a meal to suppress your appetite during the meal time so that you eat less. If you have been drinking a moderate quantity so far, increase your intake of water to 2 liters per day to maximize weight loss.

Next step would be to increase your protein intake as a high protein diet helps in reducing the fat deposits in your body. Especially you have to increase the protein content in your breakfast meal which suppresses the hunger hormone ghrelin when compared to a high carb breakfast meal. On the other hand, reduce your intake of carbs if you have been indulging in the past few weeks. Increased carb intake would also be the reason that is not letting you lose the last 20 pounds of your goal weight.

Finally, adding resistance training to your exercise routine will help you pump out the fat in your body. Start hitting gym or do some body weight exercises at home like planks, lunges and squats.…

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