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Everything You Need to Know About Online vs. In-Store Shopping

But there are quite a few who are still not sure where to buy what; not all things can be bought online. So, here we will try to clear as many cobwebs as possible.

Online shopping Vs In-store shopping

  • Almost in all cases of online shopping, you need a credit card or a PayPal account. But for in-store shopping, you just need cash and there is no fear of blocked or stolen card.
  • You need to wait for your product to arrive by mail in online shopping but when you buy physically you know exactly what you are buying and how it looks unlike in online purchases where till you receive your product you are not sure if it matches the online pictures and has the stated features.
  • You cannot test to check if the product is in working condition in online purchases but no so when you buy in person.
  • The return and refund processes are long and sometimes involve shipping charges in online purchases. But due to the competition from online stores, all physical stores have made their return policies simpler and easier.
  • Customer service is the best in physical stores, unlike online stores where it is hard to pin accountability.
  • The plethora of choice is unbeatable in online stores; you can buy products from across the globe and are not geographically limited to items available locally which will be what available in physical stores. You can effortlessly move between stores online which is not possible in the other case.
  • You can read product reviews and customer feedback to decide if the product and the manufacturer are genuine for online purchases.
  • Online goods are definitely cheaper than in retail shops because there are no overhead costs like rentals and electricity bills. By using coupons, you get even further discounts. There may ship charges involved in some cases.

To match up the competition from online shops retail owners are giving massive discounts. To get the best deal compare both prices and choose accordingly. A reliable online site is where you get good deals and discounts.…

7 Ways to Save Money by Going Green

We all know that global warming is real and can see its effects on the climate change everywhere. We all want to come forward and help to stabilize the changes happening around but are not sure what to do. Here are 7 ways you can help the environment while saving some money.

1) Plant trees: This is the most important change we all need to bring in our surroundings. Planting trees can bring down the temperature of your surroundings, help in having good rains, and provide you with fresh air while reducing the pollution. If planted strategically the trees can eliminate the need for A.Cs and fans too.

2) Use Bikes instead of Cars: Another way to help the environment while saving money is whenever possible use bikes or walk instead of using cars.

3) Using Thermostats: You can use programmable thermostats that can increase and decrease the temperature in your house based on the seasons and your needs. This can save a significant amount of money on electricity bill.

4) Switch light bulbs: Studies shows you can save around $70 on your electricity bill per year by changing the light bulbs to CFL bulbs and LEDs. Refer to PaySpi to know more about it.

5) Save Water: You can save money that you pay for the water bill by using water-efficient shower heads, flushes, faucets in your house and office. This can also help in preserving water resources that are reducing day by day.

6) Recycle Electronics: You can save money by recycling electronics and gadgets. Instead of buying everything brand new you can save some amount by buying something second hand, or can sell your old electronics instead of just putting them away.

7) Preserve rainwater: Studies show most of the rainwater flows away without been used. You can keep barrels and big pots to preserve rainwater that can be used for many day-to-day chores.…

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