How to Change Your Style on a Budget: 10 Steps

You can totally change your style on a budget.  Don’t be surprised.  Follow the below 10 simple steps:

Home remedies for cosmetics:  Instead of spending a huge amount on cosmetics, you can cut on partially.  Go in for home remedies like coconut milk, orange peels, Aloe Vera etc.  These can get you the same glow on your skin and face.

Replica Accessories:  The accessories should be stylish and trendy.  Do not bother spending more money on brands.  Instead, go in for replicas which come at a friendly budget.  When the price is less you can buy more.  You can often change your accessories as per the latest fashion.  Try

Stitching clothes:  Store-bought designer wears is exorbitantly priced.  Instead, design your own dress and get it tailored.

Used goods: Buy shoes, woolen wear etc. from friends and relatives.  That way you can get top brands at throw away price.

Wait for offers:  When you buy fashion goods do not give scope for impulsive buying.  Wait for the right season when you get more offers.

Avoid hi-fi outlets:  While buying clothes avoid retailers.  Instead, go for auction market type shops where you get the same items at a very low price.

Bargain:  Never hesitate to bargain.  Everything is priced with an adequate margin.  The seller will be always prepared to forego little profit.  Try bargaining.

Go for classics:  Instead of going with the flow of fashion, buy accessories which are always trendy and classic.  That way you need not spend more on a replacement.

Rework on what you already have:  Adding metallic buttons, few floral embroider etc. will totally change the look of old dresses.  Try to rework on whatever you already have.  Mix and match stuff.  This will make others think that you have plenty of varieties.

DIY Hairstyles:  On the internet, there are lots of videos on DIY hairstyles.  Hence cut on salon costs.

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