Mit diesen Gadgets wirst du zum Profisurfer

Every sport is associated with certain equipment to help you perform better. It is the case with surfing as well. A wetsuit alone is not sufficient to help you ride the tides. It will do but just not enough if you are aiming higher.

Here are 3 useful and must-have surfing gadgets for the professional surfer in you.

  1. Ear Plugs – Ear forms an important organ in your body and plays a greater role in self-balance. Surfing could result in water entering your ears that could potentially damage your ear canals and might even result in an abnormal growth within the ear. Hence, this is a must-have gadget to protect your ears all the time while in the sea.
  2. Smartwatches – Today smartwatches are nothing new but these are expanding in terms of their usability. For instance surfer, smart watches provides real-time accurate info regarding surf conditions such as the tide direction, wind speed, wave height, water temperature, air temperature, and so on. All you need to do is tie one on your wrist and surf like a pro based on the updates.
  3. Shark Repellents – The beach is about not only waters and pretty little fishes but it is even the home to some of the dangerous sharks in the world. Hence, if you want to surf safe, then better wrap one of these around your ankle to keep sharks far away. The shark repellents produce the sound of orca, which are the natural predators of sharks.

Now, coming to the next part, which is where to get a hold of these gadgets. You can buy these at any good surfing store at the beach or even online. Check out for some of the best collection of wetsuits and surfing gadgets. There is nothing convenient like shopping online. Happy Shopping & Happy Surfing.

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