Spot the Fake – Shoppers Get Help with Online Reviews

Online shopping is the most preferred way to shop with ease and avoid the entire crowd and the energy required to walk through various shops to find the best pick. With no efforts required to shop online, except the fact that we subconsciously choose to read the reviews before buying any product or service online./the reviews could be informative as well as work as a double-edged sword in providing a negative opinion about a product that you have decided to buy.

Checking online reviews is more of a faith that customers put on the words expressed, whether you book a restaurant or decide to buy a laptop, your decision most of the time depends on the feedback and reviews by other customers. The reviews are an invaluable source of information that helps many to take a cautious decision before purchasing anything online. Most of the time, we are able to spot a fake review based on many things, pure instinct or the way the words are written to glorify and popularize the product. The most difficult to spot is when there are reviews about a restaurant that is sophisticated, yet difficult to arrive at a decision.

The main reason to give fake reviews about products and services are:

  • boost the sales that could otherwise not help in moving the products off the shelf, there are newer ways to push the sales, by search engine optimization, or create a fictitious rating mechanism to boost the sales
  • the reviews written could be similar, the usage of words, the IP addresses, the names and photos that can be similar and comprare instagram like profiles easily
  • While there cannot be a high regulation to weed out the false and misleading reviews, buyers generally sense the fake reviews from the genuine easily. The internet is an amazing discovery made by mankind that has huge information that could help a genuine customer form being misled about their choices.

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