The Best Tattoo Aftercare : Products, Tips, and More

Getting a tattoo isn’t easy – you have to endure the pain that comes from a needle entering your skin. What is even more difficult is taking care of your tattoo, so that you don’t get any sort of infections or scars. Keeping a daily schedule of keeping it moisturized and free from germs is very important and necessary for your healthy life. Let’s see how we can perform those steps.

Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Tattoo

Taking Care

This is the most important part after getting your tattoo. You should always let the tattoo heal over the period of time. You shouldn’t :

  • Wear tight clothes over your tattoo
  • Using sunblock on your tattoo before healing
  • Going swimming

You should always wear lightly fitted clothes till your tattoo get healed totally, wear clothes that block the sunlight, and use petroleum jelly to keep it moisturized.

Tattoo Aftercare


  • Day 1 : Use mild soap and warm water to wash the tattoo. Use a bit of petroleum jelly.
  • Day 2-3 : Wash the tattoo daily and always apply an alcohol-free moisturiser.
  • Day 4-6 : Redness will start to fade. But continue with your daily wash and application of moisturiser routine.
  • Day 6-14 : Apply moisturiser several times a day. Don’t pick on the tattoo. If the redness and swelling persists, see the doctor.
  • Day 15-30 : The tattoo will be fully healed by now. But keep applying moisturiser and keep the skin hydrated.



Some of the soap products you can use are :

  • Dove Soap
  • Neutrogena Soap

Some of the moisture brands you can use :

  • Curel
  • Eucerin
  • Aveeno
  • Lubriderm

You can even use coconut oil. It will help in healing the tattoo and also keep it moisturized. Undoubtedly, this is the best tattoo aftercare one could ever use.

Extra Tips


  • Always try to use a soap that is very gentle and has no fragrance.
  • Always drink lots and lots of water to keep your skin and body hydrated. Keep using moisturisers too.
  • Don’t wear clothes that scratch your tattoo. Also, wear clothes that protect your skin from sunlight, otherwise it will fade your tattoo.
  • It’s advised to avoid any kind of excess weight gain or loss so that your tattoo doesn’t get squeezed or extended.

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